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Design, sourcing, trims and finishings, testing, technical drawings, spec creation, costing, comp shops and market research. So much hidden effort goes into the development stage of a new style, I can assist with as much or as little as you require. 

A well developed garment will be loved and last for longer. It's never just a seam or just a button, these decisions make a huge difference to the overall functionality and aesthetic.

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Rough toiles, fit samples and final sales samples. I have a special interest in natural fibres and woven cloth but all projects considered. 

       Comprehensive set up with industrial machines, overlockers, domestics and more. Sampling is charged hourly, I can set a piece rate after sampling if you require production. I do not have capacity for  bulk, so this is usually in situations where qty is too small for a  factory, or made to order.


I love pattern cutting, it's magical (and so frustrating at times!). I'm good with wovens and volume, pleats and big sleeves, swooshy trousers and gathered dresses are all exciting to me. I'm working on increasing the breadth of my cutting skills to feel more confident with stretch and fitted styles. For now get in touch to discuss your specific project and if I can't take it on myself i'm sure I'll be able to hook you up with someone great in my network!

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