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Hi, I'm Tilly, the woman behind Zero to Product. I've been working in and around the fashion industry since graduating in womenswear design in 2012. Being half Eritrean I've often been absorbed by the fabrics and patterns worn by the pastoral people in East African countries, and so a life long obsession with clashing check patterns is still being played out at every opportunity, as you might have noticed. I used to try and resist but recently i've decided to give in and just follow that joy, so things could start getting wild!

Peppercorn my lovely rescue lurcher spends her days with us at the studio too, she's not much help though, basically sleeps all day. I can always arrange for her to be elsewhere during a handover or consultation if you are not a fan of dogs. Pepper does the odd bit of modelling when she feels like it.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 17.04.30.png

Image Left: Hermione Benest

Image Right: Angela Harrington

My studio is in Dalston and between my colleague Katy and I we have a very comprehensive set up to undertake a wide variety of jobs. She works as a costume maker on an extraordinary range of productions, you can see her work Here

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